Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More to come!

I'm back in the States with 24 hour electricity and my own computer so lookout for more tales from the trail along with loads of photos in the weeks ahead.


The doctor found this guy living in my stomach!

No I'm only kidding, my heath held out, although I can't imagine why.

One of many "road" side markets in Kathmandu.

The rich and poor live side by side in Lalitpur.


gwadzilla said...


I will need to dig deeper into this
it all looks very cool

I am jealous

maybe my kids will take me Trekking in Nepal one day as a father's day gift


Loxon said...

Hi KC,
It sounds like your time in Nepal was a great adventure. I've scanned through all your posts but couldnt find refernce to how you found Pokhara and surrounds. I would be very interested to hear your experience as i'm heading to India and Nepal next month.
loxon7 (at) gmail (dot) com