Friday, October 12, 2007

Since so many people asked me about what I was bringing on a 7 month trip across Nepal, I thought I would break it down.

1 pare of pants,
1 pare of good light weight hiking shoes (in this case La Sortiva Trango Light Low's to be specific),
1 pair of shorts,
4 shirts,
Thermal tops and bottoms,
A wind proof hat,
4 pairs of socks and underwear,
A down sleeping bag,
Cheapest possible 12 year old sleeping pad,
Gortex bevy,
Cheapest gortex rain coat,
Flip flops,
Medium weight jacket,
Wind up flashlight!,
Maps and language books,
Hat, sunglasses, bandanna,
Hygiene / medical kit,
Quick dry towel,
Whisperlite MSR camping stove and .85 lieter MSR titanium cooking pot,
Lots of plastic bags,
A bit of rope / twine for hanging a mosquito net and laundry,
Mosquito net,
About $2000 in mixed form + credit cards,
And one luxury, a pair of small binoculars.

All this goes in a $100 medium sized (maybe 45 liters?) cheap'o backpack from REI, I think the model is called TourStar. Its about 12 years old and a bit beat up.

If I remember correctly I will want to get this down to two shirts and two pairs of underwear ASAP once I start walking. I will most likely dump as much of the excess unused items as well. No one ever said walking across Nepal was glamorous!


Inda said...

i love your spelling!
miss you
Inda Nile

Anonymous said...

keep up the blogging...i need to live vicariously....