Saturday, October 6, 2007

Yesterday was my last day of gainful employment. Yikes!

The flyer at left is the last publicity campaign of my life as it exists now. This blog is intended as a way to document and share the experiences of my upcoming trip to Nepal, a 7 month trip during which I hope to traverse the country from east to west.

Ever since my first trip to what was then the Kingdom of Nepal in 1995 I have been preoccupied with returning and visiting as much of the country as I possibly can. The forces of supply and demand, namely the lack of enough time and money to undertake such trips has keep me state side more than I would like to admit. A cheap group house, good job and a concerted effort to save money over the last 2+ years has enabled me to finally get back.

Prior trips have taken me and my traveling companions through the Helambu, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, and portions of the Far Western region. This trip I aim to pass through all 5 regions of the country, and as many of the 14 zones and 75 districts as possible. Due to political instability I may have to forgo the Midwest region, but that is yet to be seen. All in all I spent about a year and a half in Nepal over the course of the 5 years between 1995 and 2000. 3 months here and 4 months there… piece by piece.

The first trip was with Sojourn Nepal, now known as the Passage Project. Highly recommended for any 19 year old. Hell anyone of any age would benefit from joining that program. It was a great crash course in the wild city of Kathmandu. Living with a family, taking language courses, attending lectures on culture, politics, economy and the like. Trekking through the countryside and ultimately undergoing the final “disorientation” before leaving to return back to the states. In my case it I was off for another adventure as an organic migrant farm worker after my first trip to Nepal, which considerably softened the blow of returning home. No one tells you that returning home is by far the most disturbing portion of traveling for protracted periods of time. Everything you know as familiar is cast in a new and strange light, people and places you knew look fresh and different.

More on this after I box up my life.

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